• Branding

Starting position

Odrinking is a Taiwanese manufacturer of 100% organic smoothies and honey products. The package is the most important touchpoint in terms of brand perception and one of the main components in customer experience. The previous packaging concept as well as the word and figurative mark did not reflect the brand values any longer. This is why Odrinking decided to entrust Vetica with the task of developing a new appearance including a new packaging design.

The solution

The new brand value of Odrinking and its organic products comprise health, purity and freshness. The Vetica design team supported Odrinking in visualizing these characteristics with a revised brand image and in presenting the brand promises visually modern and target group focused. In order to achieve this, the appearance had been visually cleared and the word mark is now presented in an elegant, reduced appearance. The general brand perception does not distract from the contents any longer, but lends a natural elegance.

The benefits

The Odrinking project clearly demonstrates the importance of designing the entire brand identity in order to position a brand successfully in the market. This starts with the first sight at the POS, includes the packaging and ends with the consumer's enjoyment of the product. Packaging alone is not enough to represent a brand appropriately, it needs harmonizing with the whole brand identity and should not distract from the product.

With the new brand image including the new packaging concept, Odrinking now appears as a modern and significant brand on a fiercely competitive market for organic food.

The branding