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Starting position

Miacare – a brand of the BenQ group – is specialized in the production of silicone hydrogel lenses for the Asian market. For the planned market expansion, a digital branding along with a modular web system was necessary. The branding had to correspond with the brand identity and optimize the communication with different target groups by representing the brand values. The digital branding needed to be applicable to different markets, languages and cultures.

The solution

As a globally acting agency, we are well aware of the requirements of internationally operating companies such as BenQ. A linked digitalization of the most important touchpoints between companies and consumers is increasingly essential within brand communications. Each digitization strategy developed by Vetica requires a technically solid basis as well as a consistent digital brand appearance. The solution for the Miacare digital branding had been developed in several steps: analysis, UX, strategy, wire framing, module development, design and implementation.

Based on the existing Miacare CI/CD guidelines and the insights into user behavior of target groups, the website had been developed with innovative detailed functions for a positive overall visual impression and brand experience. 

The benefit

For Miacare, Vetica developed a flexible digital branding which not only provides optimum fulfillment of user experience, but also an ideal performance on different output devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones.

The hexagon shape in the colors of the silicone hydrogel lenses acts as the linking visual bracket. The modular design concept becomes a vital touchpoint which lets digital media users experience the brand values of Miacare.

The interaction design