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Starting position

Mediland was founded in 1984 as a sales partner to the medical devices industry. The young company garnered valuable experience in selling medical devices and made a name for itself in the sector. After some years, the Mediland Executive Board decided to enter the operating theatre infrastructure field and to manufacture relevant products under the Mediland brand. In view of tough international competition, Mediland shifted its focus from manufacturing to service provision. A global brand vision was needed and, as part of the strategy to achieve this, Mediland wanted to design a coherent and solid product portfolio.

The solution

First of all, our service experts analysed Mediland's brand awareness and compared it with the positioning of the competition. On this basis we were able to highlight spheres of activity where we could create awareness of the Mediland brand that was consistent at every touch point. Based on the company culture, brand personality and brand values established by the Mediland Executive Board, we developed a new corporate identity and planned its implementation. This was the starting point for a comprehensive re-branding operation. Working together with Mediland we created a new product identity, including naming and guidelines, and implemented a variety of communications media, such as a catalogue, website, trade fair presence and reception desk, amongst other things.

The benefit

With the introduction of the new market presence and a consistent product identity, Mediland was able to optimise the positioning and awareness of the brand. The company transformed itself into an expert brand with a stylish presence and high brand value. Mediland today serves over 60 countries worldwide and is the market leader in operating theatre infrastructure in Asia. 

The Branding

Mediland has made its name as a global operating-theatre outfitter. Vetica has designed Mediland's entire new strategic branding and adapted its visual identity accordingly, bringing Mediland's corporate identity into the top flight of the sector. The new branding consists of a modern and futureproof design which will resonate in a wide range of cultures. Carrying out this repositioning earned the Mediland brand a Taiwanese government award for excellence in 2010.