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Starting position

Steeped in tradition, the Swiss brand LAUFEN is a global leader in bathroom ceramics manufacture. For over 110 years, LAUFEN has produced wash basins, bidets and toilet bowls in ultra-modern factories with tried-and-tested Swiss precision. Starting from a sound knowledge of ceramics, the company has developed comprehensive expertise in the bathroom segment as a whole and combined this with the highest design standards. 

The solution

We have maintained a close partnership with LAUFEN as design experts since 2001. This has resulted in the best-selling bathroom ceramics series "MODERNA", "SOLUTIONS" and "LAUFEN PRO". In our designs, we pay special attention to achieving a simple, timeless style and the highest Swiss quality. So we can contribute to the international success of Laufen products.

The benefit

LAUFEN quality comes in two parts: top-class production and an understanding of what the customer wants from a bathroom. The first component is a must in the international bathroom market – the second allows for individual flair.

The shower toilet RIVA

It took a long time until perfection, a long time until everything was as it ought to be. But here it is, the new shower toilet „Riva“ by LAUFEN, and immediately creates a furor.

„Riva“ sets new standards in design and engineering and means utmost luxury in perfect hygiene. The noble elegance of discretion is the result of superior technology. It is a bathroom item with a clear design language and slender ceramic, containing a lot of Swiss made high-end technology. The classic rotary knob is the essential operation module, an intuitively understood multifunctional star made of polished stainless steel.

„Riva“ cleans itself after each use. It is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering skill made by LAUFEN and Noventa and designed by Vetica.

Interview with Peter Wirz by LAUFEN

The product design

Since 2001 we have developed several successful product lines for Laufen, most recently the internationally renowned "LAUFEN PRO S". In tune with our design philosophy, we maintain close dialogue with LAUFEN's developer team whatever project we are working on. This means we can guarantee a high-quality look combined with cost-optimised production. Our design plans for LAUFEN bear in mind the requirements of ceramics manufacture, while at the same time keeping down costs. After all: good design does not have to be expensive.

The faucets