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Starting Position

Elegance is simple. Shower toilets are more than jus trend. The essential benefit of a shower toilet lies in the high level of hygiene and a necessary feeling of freshness. This gain in quality of life must also manifest itself in the gain in design quality.

The Solution

From the outside, the Cleanet RIVA with its closed unibody ceramic body differs little from a conventional toilet. Only the discreet stainless steel knob on the toilet seat reveals the additional functionality.

In close cooperation with the experts from LAUFEN and Noventa, the Vetica design team around Peter Wirz has succeeded in completely integrating the entire technology into the closed ceramic body, thus creating timeless aesthetics for high-quality bathroom designs. At the heart of the premium WC are the versatile, intuitive shower functions. Daily personal hygiene is always a matter of trust, which is why the design of RIVA communicates this cleanliness visually. The Cleanet Riva is the only shower toilet in which, in addition to the multi-stage hygiene concept, the entire water-bearing system is cleaned automatically and thermally at regular intervals.

The Benefits

In the entire design, great importance was attached to an unobtrusive, straightforward design language. As an additional benefit, a user-friendly user and installer app was developed in parallel, which can not only operate the most important functions remotely, but also guarantees error-free installation and maintenance.  RIVA has already won several design prizes with this elegant design - including the Red Dot Award 2016, the iF Design Award 2017 and Design Plus Award 2017.


"The design process of Cleanet Riva is one of the most complex in the history of Laufen: Despite many technical components, the design was to be simple and restrained; there was hardly any room for compromise. Peter Wirz and his team have succeeded with a great deal of expertise and intuition in translating all our requirements into a pure, pure design and creating a genuine Swiss product." Marion Schulz, Product Manager

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