Komax Mira 230

  • Product Design

Starting position

Komax Holding AG (Komax Group) is a globally active technology company that manufactures series machines and customized systems for all levels of automation and customization. The company employs around 1700 people worldwide. The aim of the new "Mira 230" wire processing machine was to create a uniform corporate product design language in order to be able to fall back on this design as a basis for the following machine generations. The requirements for the design were concretized by user surveys and analyses of the workflows.

The solution

A timeless design language has been developed for the product design, which can be easily adapted to future new machine developments. The entire development process focused on brand strategy, work technology and ergonomics: Like the GUI, the external appearance of the product design was intended to clearly express Komax's competence and leadership in cable assembly. The ergonomically designed hand rest ensures healthy, fatigue-free working and the LED illumination of the working area ensures optimum visibility. An ergonomic carrying handle makes the smart "Mira 230" mobile and can be used at various workstations.

The benefint

The Mira 230 and Mira 230 Q programmable machines are the answer to today's requirements in cable processing with a large mix of different products. The newly designed machines meet the high application demands with simple handling and increased productivity. Thanks to special functions and an individual article library, high, always reproducible quality. New integrated is the cutting edge monitoring ACD (Automatic Conductor Detector). Suitability for sequence processing in connection with the smart design make both models the first choice for multi-conductor processing.


The product design