• Product Design
  • Strategy

Starting position

The Kaba Group employs around 9,000 members of staff and has operations in over 60 countries. Our industry designers were tasked with developing a Kaba-specific concept for a standardised product design to be used in all of the international development sites. The formal transformation of brand values, the sustainability of the company strategy as a technology leader and an independent, consistent design language for Kaba lay at the heart of our design work.



The solution

For the new Kaba corporate design concept our designers and engineers focused on deploying the latest RCID technology, innovative usability and, last but not least, cost management. A large number of applications make use of the electrostatic charge of the human body.



The benefit

We have been advising Kaba Group since 2007 on all issues, from product strategy to consistent portfolio design. The new Kaba products have been repeatedly selected for international design and innovation awards. And since the introduction of the new product range, Kaba has been able to increase annual sales by an average of 17 per cent. 



"The concept is convincing all round because it is functional and also has aesthetic resonance. In short, it is fair to say that the new design represents a milestone for Kaba." Mike Segmüller, Division Manager Access & Data Systems, Kaba

The strategy and product design

Clients rarely have the courage to take an holistic view of their service offering. Kaba took this step with us and tasked us with developing a company-specific overall concept for product design. 

Our solution concentrates on an interpretation of brand values that conforms to the company strategy and a distinctive design language for Kaba products.

By deploying RCID we were able to actualise innovative developments with regard to usability and utility value. A large number of applications use the natural electrostatic charge of the human body. For example, when a person touches the opening system on entering a room, this is sufficient for the system to check the access rights of the person entering and at the same time open the door.