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Starting position

Employing around 15,000 staff, the Taiwanese ACON Group develops key technologies for different industries, i.e. I/O connectors and 3C peripheral components. In 2007 the company decided to develop its own LED division. Our product designers in Taiwan were tasked with carrying out an analysis and implementing an independent company, brand and product strategy based on the results.



The solution

Based on a sound analysis of international market mechanisms, we conceived a fresh market identity to meet the expectations of a young, design-aware target group and transfer LED technology into a lifestyle environment: JustLED glimpsed the light of the world. Defining the company and portfolio strategy, the brand enhanced the LED principle on an emotional level and also made it attractive to technophobe consumers.



The benefits

At the start of our collaboration with ACON, we developed innovative lighting and bulbs. This followed the conception and implementation of a new brand personality. Today we have a long-term partnership based on trust. As a leading Taiwanese LED manufacturer, ALCON occupies a pioneering position in the sector.



"We were impressed by their project efficiency and holistic consultancy from strategy to implementation." Frank Chen, 陳鴻儀, President of ACON, Taiwan

The branding

Warm, elegant, natural – these are the adjectives used to describe JustLED's core values. We have disseminated these values consistently at all touch points. In the interests of ecological sustainability, we deployed high-quality, recyclable materials for both packaging and correspondence. The brand is aimed at architect/planner target groups and also end-consumers.

The product design

With the LED bulb " Nature", we brought to life an icon for the green technology industry. The cooling hole, which is patented worldwide, gives this product innovation its distinctive look. The design hints at the classic light bulb. It was enough to convince the panels of over eight international design and technology awards. "Nature" is the most decorated product in its category worldwide. The LED desk lamps "Y" and "Wing" are equally refreshing. These examples from our design company demonstrate that when design meets innovation new approaches open up.