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Starting position

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) is the largest R&D organization in Taiwan. As the R&D leader in Taiwan ITRI has the global vision to make Taiwanese industries more international.

ITRI focuses on six primary research fields, Information and Communications, Electronics and Optoelectronics, Material, Chemical and Nanotechnology, Medical Device and Biomedical, Mechanical and Systems, Green Energy and the Environment.

As a non-profit semi-public organization heading into its 40th Anniversary ITRI was loking for ways to get closer and to share its achievements with the community.

The solution

Vetica decided to deliver a professional but vivid imagery for ITRI by utilizing the slogan “Innovating for a Better Future”. Utilizing this within the projects for the AC LED product design and its annual report. 

To promote the eco-friendly and energy-saving AC LED technology Vetica helped ITRI develop a giftware give away. Additionally after analyzing user behaviors Vetica helped define target users and create innovative design concepts with existing out-of-the-box product identities. 

To further establish its innovative, professional and global image Vetica was also invited to work on ITRI’s Annual Report. Vetica applyed a non-traditional look and feel with breakthrough design concepts.

The benefit

The cooperation with Vetica has successfully opened up ITRI to get closer to the public and further establish its international footing. And thereby bringing ITRI to the runway, ready for take-off.

The annual report 2014

The annual report 2013

The annual report 2012