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Starting position

Committed to becoming one of Asia’s first-class financial institutions Fubon Financial Holdings has built up a strong lineup of financial service companies.

Through its annual report providing investors and stakeholders with the details of Fubon’s management and financial situation. And to reach the goal of becoming a first-class business group in Asia. Fubon found it important to make its annual report, from the branding point of view, a sustainable way to communicate.

The solution

Since the business philosophies of “Fubon Plus; integrity, sincerity, professionalism and innovation” were not well delivered in Fubon’s existing annual reports Vetica submitted a proposal to enhance its consistency via a mid-term plan.

Vetica started its professional editorial service with the planning of the theme and the content structure. Throughout the whole procedure Fubon’s brand vision was successfully integrated, ensuring the delivery of its values to the public and stakeholders.

The benefit

Unlike the ordinary way of converting promotional brand messages into corporate images Vetica’s professional editorial service used visionary and systematic planning. With the mid-term planning based on the “Fubon Plus” concept, the Fubon Annual Report successfully became a Vetica benchmark of consistent value and delivery.

The annual report 2014

The corporate book

The annual reports 2011 - 2013