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Starting Position

Formosan is a high quality Taiwanese tea brand. With a new packaging and branding, Vetica positioned the brand in the market in the best possible way. The founder, Dr. Yvonne Han, has dedicated herself to support independent tea farms with her profound academic knowledge in the field of agricultural innovations. She focuses on "Single Origin" and "Fair Trade" for her tea.

The emphasis on origin enables consumers to consume locally grown tea with a clear conscience. In consideration of the natural resources, the seasonal stock is limited depending on the seasonal harvest. Creating an unmistakable brand image is always a challenge for a new brand. Vetica supported Formosan Farms with the design of the brand identity and a new packaging concept.

The Solution

The first steps in building the brand were to identify Formosan's core values: "Common Good", "Sharing Sustainability", "Heritage in Classic", and "Persistence in Aesthetics". These values are aimed at urban elites who are concerned about social issues and sustainability.

The simple font in a square layout elegantly shapes the logo, reminiscent of the chequered fields. The gift set is designed with rustic materials. The modular arrangement of the tea bags in the packaging allows a high level of flexibility in the design of the various tea sets. In addition, each type of tea is presented in its own colour on the packaging. By defining the brand context and translating the core values into a design language, a clear and coherent brand identity is created.

The Benefits

The design visualises the values for which Formosan Farms stands - the high quality and rustic beauty of Taiwanese tea. The new packaging design also meets the individual needs of modern consumers.

Formosan Farms' teas made their public debut at a celebration in Taipei, where the Taiwanese tea gift set received only positive feedback and interest. It is a promising start for this young and ambitious brand to be on the road to bringing the best Taiwanese tea to the world.

The Branding