• Branding

Starting position

Falper manufactures & designs elegant, modern Italian bathroom furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and accessories for the home. With a spotlight on the contemporary scene Falper’s previous logo mark and tagline needed updating to better present them as a modern premium bathroom brand. In order to reflect the current design trends within Falper, it was time to bring the brand forward.

The solution

Tasked with the creation of a new modern logo brand mark that truly reflects the contemporary designs Falper produces. We landed on a bold timeless brand statement reflected in the final logo and tagline. Additionally a through and complete branding guideline was also created containing working design index. This brand system guideline document provided Falper a turnkey solution, including all the tools and elements needed for them to implement this new logo brand mark across all of its current and future usages and needs.

The benefits

For many years Falper struggled to evolve their brand mark as it was something they had grown used too but wanted to change. By giving them a clear integrated graphic system & logo brand mark, measured against tried and true branding design principles, Falper moved quickly into the adoption of this. Now armed with increased awareness through this modern international brand, prepared for the future. That's a call to action.

The branding

The Vetica branding team was tasked with the creation & development of a new logo and tagline “a matter of style” integration. Vetica analyzed Flaper’s place in the market and aligned the branding with its competitors to create a new modern logo mark and branding system.