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Starting position

Edigem was established in 1982 as a subsidiary of the jewelry and watch company Gübelin. As a trading company for gem trade as well as for antique and vintage jewelry, the brand Edigem has stood for ultimate quality at expertises and assessments of valuable jewelry and precious stones for more than 30 years. The company name is a reference to the renowned gemmologist and offspring of the Gübelin family, Dr. Eduard Gübelin. Within the framework of the re-branding of the Gübelin Group, Vetica was entrusted with the task of repositioning the brand Edigem.

The solution

The desired objective of a new positioning has been achieved with an expressive appearance. The logo design and important corporate design elements were based on the pattern of light and reflections of gem stones. The prism was defined as the primary design element and aims at the sensual faceting of gem stones. 

The benefit

With the new high-class appearance the brand Edigem managed a repositioning in the field of gem trade which opens new chances for a successful future. 

The strategy

The branding