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Starting Position

DUSCHOLUX produces high-quality shower and bath solutions for more than 50 years now. Due to the rapidly changing market environment, the company and its shareholders concluded that it is time to reposition and reinvent the DUSCHOLUX brand. This is how the cooperation with Vetica came about. Consequently, the overall brand strategy was adapted, for a clear brand perception and modern appearance.

The Solution

Within fourteen months - from the first meeting to the relaunch - the entire brand was re-developed and the product portfolio was condensed and divided into five product worlds, thus reducing everything to the essential.

The new clarity and consistency among the different touchpoints of the DUSCHOLUX brand were extremely important. Design, architecture and functionality combined to their entirety of simplicity, elegance and high-class.

The Benefits

Trends and innovations arise from necessities and customer requirements. Vetica’s passion for the holistic implementation of corporate strategies into real customer experiences, also allows for clients to participate closely. In the future, the DUSCHOLUX brand will fulfil all customer wishes when it comes to unique bathroom products and services. With the new 360° product portfolio, the brand offers significant added value for architects and planners. You can buy products, but you can’t buy experiences. That's why we as a team are proud to have been able to accompany DUSCHOLUX on this journey.

"Vetica has created a new platform for our brand, our products and services in the shortest possible time. Many thanks for the always highly professional, goal-oriented and personal cooperation." Marc Friederich, CEO DUSCHOLUX

The Branding

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