• Branding

Starting position

dermaAngel is a new brand by the Taiwanese multi-industry group BenQ which is specialized in mild skin care products. With products for cleaning, caring, lifting and repairing, the product range covers the whole spectrum of young skin treatment.

The core target group is between 15 and 25 years old. As digital natives they have a high affinity with mobile devices and sales channels. For reaching this target group, it was important to develop a “mobile first” strategy with an optimized digital communication and a consistent visual appearance across any device. 

The solution

Mobile devices, which are most frequented for product searches by the target group, had been defined as touch point. This called for interactive graphics and icons instead of written text in communication. Consequently, a graphic language with a high recognition value had been developed. The fact that reading on mobile devices concentrates on the essentials asked for the use of nonverbal elements. The most important demand on the Vetica Design team was to acquire loyal fans within the target group who experience dermaAngel and interact with them.

The benefit

In order to increase the brand recognition amongst the young generation and to acquire fans of the new brand dermaAngel, the way of thinking had to be changed. The question was: “How do you become the best friend of the young female target group?”

A simple and intuitive structure, a fresh and emotional design using the “Little Angel” graphics and icons develops a brand personality amongst its users. In the future, the brand image of dermaAngel shall be successfully recognized by the young generation worldwide as the friendly winking “Little Angel”. 

The interaction design