Dancing Tea

  • Branding
  • Strategy

Starting position

As the Premier tea-leaf planter in Wuhe, Hualien (Eastern Taiwan), Mr. Yeh and his family had the dream of introducing their organic tea leaves to the market and thereby making Wuhe a well-known name among tea plantations in Taiwan.

The solution

To fulfill their dreams Vetica decided to start by re-building its brand from the ground up. After thorough studies of the tea industry and consumer behavior Vetica defined the brand value and its positioning. By combining the Chinese meaning of Wuhe (Dancing Crane) into the new brand naming “Dancing Tea” and brand stories, a complete corporate identity system was developed by Vetica.

Furthermore Vetica re-defined the “Dancing Tea” products into 3 distinctive categories; full fermented tea, partial fermented tea, and non-fermented tea. Based on Dancing Tea’s core values Vetica developed a young and fresh looking packaging design system that is easy apply and to be recognized.

The benefit

Different from most re-branding projects the Dancing Tea was taken on a complete process of branding starting from scratch. For the Yeh family Vetica’s professional services and strategic planning helped establish their brand on fertile ground. It not only increased the awareness of Wuhe Tea, but also helped expand the visibility of Dancing Tea through its various channels.

The branding