Coco Life

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Starting position

Coco Life was founded by three young men with international experience to breath fresh air into traditional agriculture. With their strong sense of international markets, they recognized the benefits of coconuts and created a revolutionary product called “Coco Easy”. To introduce the product to Eastern Asia and US markets, they chose Vetica as their innovation partner to develop a packaging solution that provides the freshest coconut experience to gourmets.

“Coco Easy” is a real fruit, processed with a patented cutting method to open the coconut with just one finger, enjoy fresh coconut water and the sweet and tasty flesh inside.

The solution

To provide the best consumer experience, “Coco Easy” comes as a set containing the coconut, a straw and a spoon. It represents the concept of “simple, natural, fresh”. The fresh coconut is a natural product and therefore each fruit has its distinctive shape and size and continues to breath and ripe even after harvest. As a consequence, there were high demands on the packaging which had to present the product in an attractive way, as well as provide a high functionality.

After extensive testing, Vetica developed the solution: a sealed bag. The highly breathable and waterproof plastic seal bag not only protects the coconut, but consumers can also check the freshness of the fruit through the transparent window. Together with the straw and the wooden spoon, the coconut comes in a paper bag and represents the “simple, natural, fresh” brand philosophy. 

The benefit

The recognition shared by everyone involved with the “Coco Easy” project is that Design Thinking methods can be applied to selling fruits.

The conventional way of presenting and selling natural products neglects the consumer needs for convenience. From the customer’s point of view, Vetica created an innovative consumer experience with a smart design concept.

The branding

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