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Starting Position

The company Bionime is specialized in high quality and innovative biotech solutions and combines different competences in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and electrical engineering under one roof.

Bionime has been active in the blood glucose monitoring industry for more than fifteen years, with the goal of ensuring patient safety and confidence in diabetes management. Vetica has been supporting the Bionnime brand, its products and services for 10 years now.

In addition to the B2B company brand Bionime, Vetica developed the B2C brand "Rightest" in cooperation with the Bionime management. The associated repositioning of the two brands automatically led to a new corporate design and brand strategy.

The solution

Vetica reviewed the current markets, the competitors and their brand image. From this, an independent design strategy was developed for the clear differentiation of the two brands Rightest (B2C) and umbrella brand Bionime (B2B). The entire appearance of the Rightest product brand was modernised for this purpose. The R (Right) and T (Test) merge into a new visual element that conveys the message of the brand name and matches the product features. In addition, the "R"-as a figurative mark was redesigned and optimized for digital applications.

The relationship between the corporate brand and the product brand was intensified in the design of the product packaging and the appearance of the products. This in turn strengthened the recognition and clarity of the product brand, while maintaining the corporate brand as a strong foundation. During the redesign of the website, as well as the design of the new APP, the new consistent design language was implemented in addition to usability.

The benefits

Many companies are often faced with the question of how to optimize brand architecture and brand identities in the ODM business. Vetica successfully differentiated and positioned the two brands through a new design strategy.

Today, Bionime markets its products in more than eighty countries and is one of the best medical device brands internationally.