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Starting position

In 2008 we were contacted by company founders Morten Brunvoll and Patrick Hsieh who presented a new business concept for the global dental market. A globally operating brand including an integrative corporate platform for innovative products and services was asked to be developed. 

The solution

Our project work started with the analysis of the international implantology market and problem definition of  individualised prosthetics. International experts, focus groups and medical specialists were involved in the analysis. Vetica subsequently developed a „one-stop shopping“ strategy with various utilization concepts for optimum interaction between brand, products and services. Out of that emerged the head brand Biodenta with its sub-brand Dentaswiss for specific requirements of fully digitalised dental laboratories.

The benefits

Based on the close cooperation with Biodenta and our Asian and European experts arouse a new dental brand which stands for outstanding quality and precision.

Several innovative products and services were developed in the last few years which not only facilitate the life of patients, but also improve efficiency and quality of doctors and technicians. Since 2013 Biodenta has been a listed company. 

The branding

The product design

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