BenQ Materials

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Starting position

BenQ Materials Corporation belongs to BenQ Group. Based on the principle of “Live with Innovation”, the company has significant performances in fields of optics, green energy and biomedical products. In recent years, the company has gradually shifted to the consumer market.
From a business-oriented vendor to a consumer-oriented brand, BenQ Materials realized the necessity of integrating its Brand DNA with consistent tone and manner. Thus, by making its first company profile, BenQ Materials aims at upgrading its global brand image by a well structured and consistent message delivery and visual designs.

The solution

As company profile is an important touch-point for companies to establish a positive brand image, Vetica constituted a thematic and systematic approach by defining “Innovation” as the axis of communication in “Technology, Application, and Strategy”.
In this project, Vetica integrated its strategic planning, brand design specialists and offered one-stop services that include copywriting and layout design. By using layered-design techniques that represented the BenQ identity elements and the concept of material science, Vetica successfully created a brand image as a dancing butterfly and developed the corporate brand fly high.

The benefits

“From Verbal to Visual” explains why BenQ Materials’ company profile is one of the best practices of Vetica’s brand design. By integrating the verbal elements with the non-verbal elements in a visionary and systematic way, BenQ Materials’ corporate brand image has been promoted toward a brighter future.

The branding

The new BenQ Materials’ company profile shows the vitality of “Live with Innovation” as well as the integration of technology and applications.