• Branding

Starting position

Established in 1990, APEX Medical Corporation is a leading company in Taiwan's medical care industry, providing a wide range of healthcare solutions.

APEX markets its products in 60 countries around the world. Despite fast business expansion, APEX was facing challenges in building up a worldwide consistent look and feel of the brand due to the lack of an easy-to-use brand management system.

The solution

Although APEX has a clearly defined brand vision and core values, its brand slogan was not a good match to its brand values. Also, it lacked a clear brand identity system to deliver its brand values in the global market. Hence, Vetica started from a new brand slogan to a complete brand identity and visual system. We also worked with APEX to review its product lineup and designed a product identity system with clear color guidelines.

The biggest problem of branding most companies are facing is not about building up a system but about building up internal consensus for proper implementation. Thus, Vetica also provided a complete brand management system for APEX in order to ensure continuous success.

The benefit

With the establishment of a complete brand identity and management system, APEX became more aggressive at international exhibitions because they found it much easier to deliver a consistent brand message to the world. To satisfy end-user needs, APEX has created a one-stop service blueprint. Nowadays, APEX has become a worldwide leading professional brand in the fields of support surfaces and continuous positive airway pressure devices (CPAP).

The branding