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Starting Position

Anscare was founded in 2009 and is a subbrand of BenQ Materials. Anscare offers medical devices for emergency room and clinical use. These include products for hemostasis, first aid and wound care. Since 2012, Anscare's product lines have evolved from professional clinical use to private use. This is not least in order to cover the increasing demand for personal health care. This was the beginning of the cooperation with Vetica. Together with Anscare, Vetica developed a comprehensive strategy for its future products and services, including the design strategy from branding to product design.

The Solution

The Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system is a compact, innovative device that allows patients to continue wound healing therapy on the move. The product bears the name "SIMO", which stands for "Simple Mobility".  The name thus interprets the identity and the new product language. Anscare SIMO is light, small and beautifully designed with intuitive handling and many well thought-out details. Thanks to a user-centric design process, the focus was always on the well-being of the patients. This made simple and safe wound care possible in the first place.

The Benefits

With the comprehensive integration of communication strategy, product design and brand identity, the Anscare brand is built with a holistic and clear image. The design for Anscare is modern, friendly and caring. The Anscare SIMO products have all been developed with user-centric, friendly details and simplicity that optimise the user experience and perception of wound care, clearly demonstrating the core value of the brand.

At its launch, Anscare SIMO received the Taiwan Excellence Award - Silver Award of the Year. In addition to the recognition, we are delighted that the products are a real improvement for patients, enabling better wound care.



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