ABB - Charging Station

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Starting Position

Together with Vetica, ABB is creating the ideal conditions for a future of a smarter, more reliable and emission-free mobility that is accessible to everyone, everywhere. A first step in this direction is the new Terra HP electric charging station, with which an electric car battery can be fully charged in only 15 minutes.

The Solution

The market for electric cars will grow steadily over the next few years. The new electric car models have more powerful batteries and therefore they can expand the distances. The calculation is simple: more electric cars = more charging stations needed. Vetica's productdesign for the charging stations is independent and meets the high standards of the automotiv industry. Throughout the entire design process, user-friendliness has always been the focus.

The Benefits

The new Terra HP charging station is designed for public use and has a break-proof housing that protects the sensitive components. The "window" at the top of the charging station provides the surveillance cameras with an optimal view and also serves as a signal that indicates from a distance to various lights whether the charger is free or occupied. Over 2000 Terra HP chargers from ABB have already been installed in the USA and Australia.

The Productdesign