Circling the Heritage

The primary issue is about objectives and expectations from the perspective of these inheritors who have taken over business responsibilities to work with family traditions, business interests and social phenomenon. Despite living with conflicts between traditional Chinese culture and Western educational background, they shared family stories to demonstrate family heritage and to extend businesses success as positive effects in the society.

Vetica’s mission there is to tune more delights into these interviews particularly when this audiobook becomes a promotional collateral for reading. Modern and simplified design expresses each inheritor’s determination of making breakthroughs. Each “O” on the cover page represents the cycle of communications in families and corporations, and that elaborates the philosophy of being harmonious and infinite all the time when inheritors take over business responsibilities to stimulate industry competitiveness and good wills in the society. The tilted “O” at the center symbolized independent thinking of the second generation. Given the blank space at the top left and bottom right corners, the cover can be customized by stamping different English letters to create vocabularies, providing diverse and interesting audio and visual experiences.

“The Compulsories for Business Inheritors” is not only a lesson worth to be spread, but also a media platform to elaborate the experiences of dealing with family relations and business management. To deliver a significant messages to anyone interested in relevant issues. Vetica’s design details enrich the process of interpersonal communications, and the philosophy behind has increased artistic elements into the issue of “heritage” to create visible interaction, as well as invisible perception inside.