Let's talk about Vetica – Part 2 SERENE HOUSE

The CEO of SERENE HOUSE, Mr. Peter Hsiao, shares the experience of running a premium brand with Vetica.

Vetica: What are your views on operating the premium aroma lifestyle brand SERENE HOUSE?

Peter Hsiao: Running a premium brand has a few key components. First, the product usability and design must be innovative to create value. Product quality is vital, and when promoting the brand you must have an excellent marketing team in order to strengthen the consumer’s perception of the brand.

V: Please share the process of establishing and developing the business of SERENE HOUSE.

PH: We began to plan the SERENE HOUSE brand from 2008. Since we decided from the beginning to grow towards the global market, after more than two years of product launch preparations, we chose Hong Kong as our first test launch in 2010. To prepare for the global market, you must grasp the differences between every market environment, from product design, packaging, and graphic design, to written communication and sales techniques.

V: Understanding the differences in the global market is a major challenge for many brands. What are some observations you have about different market environments?

PH: The USA is a consumer market and the scope of its retail chains is enormous, providing a huge advantage and creating a market led by competitive pricing. The Asian market is composed of department stores; only large brands that have a high SKU have a chance. In contrast, the European market strives towards premium goods, possessing a moderate scope but with unique characteristics. This kind of environment easily creates designers that have individually innovative styles.

V: How do these observations influence SERENE HOUSE’s global development?

PH: The European market values design and quality, so graphic design and marketing must constantly inhabit the details that suit the premium design and quality of SERENE HOUSE. As for the department store model in Asia, we use an independent retail model. Currently we have 10 independent retail locations in Taiwan and 8 in China. In the future we will continue to select these direct retail locations to construct SERENE HOUSE’s brand positioning.

V: Lastly, please share the stories of collaborating with Vetica.

PH: From the start, we locked in on the goal of globalizing the brand, so we purposely selected Vetica for its team’s international standard of backgrounds, design skills, and sense. During the collaboration process, we saw the excellence and professionalism of the team, as well as their ability to create a unifying brand. Now SERENE HOUSE has adopted a new style, proving that only by working with Vetica’s international design team SERENE HOUSE was able to move forward globally.

SERENE HOUSE continually works toward the achievement of maximum creativity and flawless quality. The company maintains an ongoing commitment to technology, aesthetic design and technological development, offering a complete line of fragrance and diffuser products that can bring peace and serenity to tumultuous lives.

In 2011, SERENE HOUSE president Mr. Peter Hsiao worked with Vetica to expand the brand scope to encompass product essence and design. Combining SERENE HOUSE’s expertise in ceramic materials and information technology resulted in the creation of a new capsule fragrance concept. This revolutionary new business model set off a buzz in the fragrance diffuser market, has become the new darling of the industry.