Cutting edge – the new Komax design language

Receiving the first award for outstanding design – the Red Dot Design Award – is the result of a two-year collaboration between Komax and Vetica. The close collaboration in the field of corporate product design includes the complete Komax wire product range. Vetica and Komax collaborate in strategic industrial design; the UX/UI Design, ergonomics and HCD.

One of the first products resulting from this collaboration is the «Mira 230», a compact benchtop machine designed for professional-level full stripping of electrical wires used in computer and mobile phone production. The latest generation has now been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award for a distinct, timeless and brand-compliant appearance. Presenting this new appearance marks the beginning of a successive rollout of additional products in the new design, providing the premium supplier Komax an appropriate appearance within the wire industry. Despite the unique appeal, the Vetica product design team managed to comply with the cost framework for the housing.   

In addition to the product design, the design of the graphic user interfaces (GUI) was equally important for «Mira 230». The new intuitive touchscreen user interface enables the operator fast and safe working. The new operating concept had been equipped with a cutting-edge, professionally appearing design language, which positions the brand Komax and meets the ergonomic requirements.

Design matters – or smart design pays off once more, not only for the visual appearance but also regarding economy, efficiency and brand value. Together with the responsible Komax team we are very pleased about receiving the Red Dot Design Award.