Review of Vetica at the World Design Capital exhibition Taipei

The exhibition booth «Smart Living Swiss Origin» co-organized by Trade Office of Swiss Industries, representative of Switzerland in Taipei and Vetica Group AG has accomplished successfully. In the 18 days of exhibition, the well planned contents and exhibits have been highly evaluated by most visitors.

The World Design Capital exhibition has attracted over 500,000 visitors in the first two weeks. In addition to designers, design-school teachers and students, citizens who are interested in design and urban living related topics also came to the exhibition.

The “Swiss Red” key visual and 8 standing panels made the «Smart Living Swiss Origin» booth the most eye-catching spot in the exhibition. Many visitors were attracted by the storytelling presentation of the features, histories, pioneers and the latest trend of “nouvelle vague” of the Swiss landscape architecture. In the human-centric design and life section, the actual products such as the Ypsomed “Total Diabetes Care System” and the KABA “Home Security System” enabled visitors to see the contributions of design in our life.