• 產品設計

Starting position

Navyboot, the Swiss premium brand for shoes and accessories, tasked Vetica founder Peter Wirz with the design of a high-class men’s briefcase for the business world. The briefcase was supposed to meet the high demands of the Navyboot brand without appearing fashionable, but rather classy and timeless – and therefore become a case for life.

The solution

The briefcase has long become a design classic and still is, even after nearly 20 years, a highly coveted product in the Navyboot assortment. The puristic bags and cases are not only beautifully designed and manufactured from superior cowhide, but also provided with two distinguishing closure details. They are handy, durable and due to daily use develop a unique patina.

The benefits

The briefcase has indeed become a timeless classic and an ambassador of the Navyboot brand. Through reduction and careful design evolved a pillar of sales which advanced to a brand icon. In an ever faster moving business world, this case remains a calm anchor and elegant partner to its owner.

The product design