Arwa Sense

  • 產品設計

Starting Position

Vetica was commissioned by Arwa to design a new premium faucet-line and to open a new chapter in the long tradition of Arwa bestsellers. The aim was to develop a discreet yet high-quality faucet that appeals to all the senses and offers adequate comfort in everyday use.

The Solution

Right from the start, the focus of the design was on the precise and proud silhouette. A silhouette that appears iconic in an unobtrusive and high-quality form. The characteristic Arwa handle was integrated into the silhouette as an important stylistic feature. The flow of the water is reflected in the discreet curves of the whole faucet line.

The Benefits

The new Arwa sense line lives from its self-confident appearance and understatement. By reducing unnecessary joints, the Arwa sense line is easy to clean. Today, the line comprises 12 individual products that can be elegantly combined with any modern bathroom equipment.  

The Design